Polish guests here for the Rose Queen

A group of 20 Polish visitors from Whaley Bridge’s  twin town of Tymbark will be visiting here in time to see the Rose Queen festival and carnival.

The visitors – many of them members of the Housewives’ Society in Poland – arriving on Friday evening 28 June, only hours before the carnival procession starting just after lunchtime on the Saturday.

The Polish party will be taken to the home of David Lomax, chair of the Twinning Association, on Friday evening to meet their local hosts. Saturday is a whirlwinfd day, including:

–     a trip to Buxton for sightseeong and shopping

–     lunch at the Bowling Club, ahead  of the carnival procession

–      watching the carnival ‘royalty’ in the bowling club grounds,

then later

–      a curry evening at memories of India.

Sunday will be just as busy. The party will be taken on a lunch cruise along the canal on the Judith Mary, and back in time for the Welldressing Blessing at the canal basin and a concert by the Wj]haley Bridge Band, a barbecue in the afternboon  and pub games in the Bowling Club in the evening.  They fly out early on Monday morning.

Children from schools in Tymbark will be guests of Taxal and Fernilee primary school in June 2014.  Whaley Bridge children, who keep in regular touch with Tymbark, visited there last year.

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