Youth club wins Co-op £250 in postal ‘vote’

Youth club members Alisha and Leah with youth worker and pharmacy staff celebrate win


Whaley Bridge youth club, based in Footsteps, has won a £250 grant from the Co-operative Community Fund, based on the ‘postal votes’ of  local people.  A bright yellow postbox, placed inside the Co-op pharmacy, was used in this pilot project for the Co-op.  Customers were given yellow discs (a bit like tiddlywinks) which could be posted into one of two slots:  one for the youth club, the other for the Water Weekend.

Rebecca Harman, leader at the club, said:  “We were pleasantly surprised about how much support we had from the public.”  How will the money be spent?  “Possibly on Play Station 3.”

Two youth club members – Alisha Vernon and Leah Woodhall – joined youth club worker Karen Spencer and staff from the pharmacy at a photocall.

Pharmacy manager Raj Modi said:  “We were amazed how many discs were ‘posted’ by customers, over 1,600.”

The youth club, which is run by Derbyshire county council, meets in Footsteps drop-in centre on Market Street on Tuesdays, 6pm-9pm and on Fridays, 7pm-10pm.


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