Lib Dem David holds Whaley county seat

Results for each party 2009 and 2013

Whaley Bridge County Council election result, as posted on the Derbyshire CC website  and ‘subject to verification’:

 David Lomax, Liberal Democrat  995
 Rodney Gilmour, Conservative  878
 Martin Thomas, Labour     846
 James Bush, UK Independence Party            424

 Lib Dem majority 117

Result last time:  Lib Dem 1808, Conservative 1377. Labour 438. UKIP 396

The county council website shows Labour regaining  control with 43 seats, Conservatives on 18 and Lib Dems on 3

The Whaley Bridge division includes Furness Vale, Buxworth, Chinley and Combs.

One Reply to “Lib Dem David holds Whaley county seat”

  1. Barry Rudd

    A Massive well done to Martin. Whaley voters always put local issues above party politics. Good luck with your year as Chair of WBTC.

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