Whaley’s Jenni all set for great Olympic test

Jenni: ready for the start of the Olympics

Whaley Bridge’s Olympic gymnast star Jenni Pinches is in London with her Team GB colleagues.  She left her family here after a big get together, with a special cake and lots of good luck kisses.

In the run up to her events, she is in training with the rest of the female gymnast team, including iconic star Beth Tweddle.  Jenni trained with her earlier in Liverpool.

Her first competitive appearance will be on Sunday afternoon, 29 July.  Her dad Ian and all the family will be watching her, although they don’t see her face to face until 13 August, when the Olympics are over.  Ian’s father is a retired Baptist minister from Devon, who will join the family in London for Jenni’s first performance.

The welldressing with figure of gymnast, top left

There was a lucky omen in the recent Whaley Bridge well dressing.  Artist Rosemary Wignall, who designed the Olympic themed well dressing, says it was ‘absolute co-incidence’ that the figure of a gymnast appeared in the top left corner of the picture, seen by hundreds of people near the canal basin.  Rosemary did not realise at the time there even was a potential Olympian in Whaley Bridge.

Rosemary was creating a picture, like a stained glass window, with figures and scenes all round it. The design was nearly complete when Rosemary placed the gymnast among runners, swimmers, sailors and cyclists.  The gymnast figure was created from purple geranium petals, and crushed eggshells to represent the skin.

Rosemary said:  “It’s brilliant that someone from Whaley Bridge is in the Olympics.  I wish Jenni all the best.  I hope the welldressing proves to be a lucky omen.”

Whaley Bridge people who want to get behind Jenni can send her good wishes to her own page on the Team GB Olympic website here.

You can also follow her on Twitter here.

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