Whaley’s Jubilee plans: Beacon, barbie, mega tea party

Whaley Bridge is celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in style, with the  town council, churches and the cricket club creating events that youngsters will remember all their lives.  A beacon will be lit above the cricket ground on Bank Holiday Monday, visible from the Cat and Fiddle, with a barbecue and bar at the clubhouse, making it a day for loyal toasts.  On the extra Bank Holiday Tuesday, it’s party time again in the grounds of Taxal and Fernilee primary school, off Macclesfield Road with a Mega Tea Party.

Beacon and barbecue: Local people will be asked to assemble near Whaley Bridge train station at about 7.30pm  on Monday 4 June to walk up in groups  to the cricket club, using the path known locally as Giggle Gaggle. The council’s new chair Anne Winter will be among the ‘giggle walkers’. There is no parking near the cricket ground, so people are urged to wear comfortable shoes  for the walk

The beacon will be lit at around 10.15pm, shining out across the valley and picked up not only at the Cat and Fiddle but across the Disley tops.  It will be one of six Jubilee beacons in the High Peak.

As music drifts over the cricket ground, with its views of  the town and Toddbrook reservoir, Jon Goldfinch – local councillor – will be making sure all is well with the beacon, and hoping it lights better than last years Christmas tree lights..

 Earlier, one of  Whaley’s top sports events, the cricket six a sides, will take place from 12.30pm. There will be an all day bar as well as  the barbecue.

Mega tea at the school: Bank Holiday Tuesday (5 June) gives people the last chance to celebrate the extended holiday weekend.  Churches Together in Whaley Bridge is organising  a mega tea party and entertainment for all at  Taxal and Fernilee school from 3pm to 5pm.

There’s no charge – “just come and join the fun,” says Stella Whitehurst. “Bring your own food and sit down together with us at this ‘bring and share’ tea party.  Squash, tea and coffee will be provided.”

Among the attractions, there will be a bouncy castle, children’s games, a craft table, face painting, a Jubilee quiz and a singalong

On Wednesday, 6 June, it’s back to work.  But on Friday 8 June in Whaley Bridge, the fun begins all over again as the Water Weekend starts.  Acoustic musicians will perform on the canal-side stage from 6.45 in the evening to launch W3, with the traditional free boat trips on Saturday and Sunday.  Most other attractions are free, but the climbing frame and the nearby fair are priced. So are the  refreshments at outlets around the site. And just beyond W3, still in the month of fun, there’s the Welldressing  and Rose Queen Festival.  What a month!

Unfurl the flag: Cllr John Swift and Whaley Bridge town council chair Anne Winter


Children of Taxal and Fernilee primary school celebrate Jubilee with home-made mini Union Jacks