Oil tank crime prevention advice

There are a number of useful devices/alarms available which tend to work either by monitoring the level of oil (activated if the level drops rapidly) or by a trip switch on the filler/inspection caps. They are usually connected wirelessly  to a chime alert in the house and/or linked direct to a household intruder alarm system. Some can be programmed to dial your mobile phone.

They are available from oil and tank suppliers and security specialists and we suggest that your regular oil supplier is a good place to start.

Given that these alarms are a relatively recent innovation, we cannot recommend individual products. At present, our Crime Reduction Officer hasn’t been able to find any that have been independently tested or assessed by police.

You can also get stand alone movement sensors that connect wirelessly to a chime alert in the house. These are really only suitable if the movement sensor can be specifically positioned to exclude acci! dental activation (eg by passing wildlife).

Inspection and supply caps can be replaced with locking versions or locked with substantial padlocks – but this does not get round the
vulnerability of the oil supply line or the fact that plastic tanks can be relatively easy to puncture/drill.

Other considerations might therefore include relocating the tank so that it is close to the house and can be easily monitored, installing external lighting (either light sensor equipped ‘dawn to dusk’ type, PIR movement-sensitive or a combination of the two) and/or CCTV with
appropriate warning signs.

Controlling access to the tank can be vital – consider the use of defensive (ie thorny!) planting over trellis work.
Substantial fencing or walling the tank off can also be effective. Some people have enclosed their entire tank in protective small mesh grilles or even a wooden shed. There are safety regulations to consider as well as the access required by your oil supplier.

We hope you find this information use ful. An internet search for ‘oil tank alarm’ will throw up a number of useful
sites and further information – for example

Produced by the Crime Reduction Officer on behalf of PCSO Pat Findlay-Wilson