New Police Website

Derbyshire Constabulary has launched its new website to give people more information about their local officers and make it easier for them to contact the force.

The new site is easier to navigate and gives people the chance to personalise the homepage, showing them the latest news from their area each time they visit, as well as meeting details and local priorities.

Residents will also find it simpler to contact their local Safer Neighbourhood policing team and they can fill in an on-line form to suggest the issues their team should be tackling in the community.

Web manager Ben Sherwin said: “We wanted a website that gave the force a modern face and made it easier for the public to find the information they most commonly look for.

“We also wanted a site that encouraged people to come back more often to keep up-to-date with their local policing team.”

The search facility has also been improved so that searches will retu! rn results from Derbyshire police and the national Ask the Police website. It is anticipated that this will reduce non-emergency calls to the force as more people find what they need on line.

The Derbyshire Police Authority website has also been revamped, sharing a similar design to the new force website.

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