Toddbrook Reservoir refilling to start in new year

The great Toddbrook Reservoir Project,  repairing a century’s damage to vital pipes and necessitating the emptying of this beautiful stretch of water, is nearing a conclusion.  British Waterways was hoping to complete engineering work over Christmas/New Year, with the refilling  of the reservoir already starting and due to be completed early in 2011.

 Dilwyn Parry, project manager for the  major British Waterways work, has been telling news section about what has happened over recent months.

Workmen busy in the reservoir

With the works completed , the replacement valves fitted to the two draw off pipes were  tested and commissioned. 

 The other major parts of the £500,000 project were:

  • Controlled emptying  of the reservoir, including the fish rescue (over 11,000 lb of fishtaken to Brookfield Pond,Whaley Bridge,  the Peak Forest canal, as wellas  Shropshire Union and Staffordshire and Worcestershire canals.  The fish will be  replaced once water levels are back high enough in the new year. 
  • Repairing pitching to the wall of the dam.
  • Clearing silt and debris from pipework inlets  
  • Removing old valves and connections to pipework.
  • Cleaning, inspecting and repairing old pipework
  • Re-lining old pipework with a resin “sock” liner cured under pressure, using ultraviolet lights
  • Replacement of valves
  • Testing of new system
  • Replacement of screens to intakes
  • Re-filling (just started)

The works were required as the pipework has over the last 100 years slowly become encrusted internally reducing the flow capacity required to empty the canal in emergency situations. 

The pipes are generally used, under normal conditions to feed water stored in the reservoir at a controlled rate into the Peak Forest Canal at Whaley Bridge.  This helps  – along with nearby Combs Reservoir – maximise the length of the boating season on this and connected canals.

Excess water can be fed directly via lower draw off or spillway to the brook and  into the River Goyt.

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