Crimestoppers Distraction Burglary Campaign

The police and crime-fighting charity, Crimestoppers, have launched a list of the 10 ‘Most Wanted’ people sought in connection with distraction burglaries.

The campaign will also warn the public to be careful about who they let into their homes especially as it approaches February, a time of year when burglaries traditionally peak.

Distraction burglars trick their way in to the houses of the elderly and vulnerable, by pretending to be a type of official or asking for assistance.

The 10 ‘Most Wanted’ individuals are featured on Crimestoppers Most Wanted site:

Please, where possible visit the Crimestoppers Most Wanted site and be vigilant and look out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours during this time of year.

Report any suspicious behaviour to Derbyshire Police on 0345 123 33 33 or in an emergency dial 999. Contact Crimestop! pers on 0800 555 111.