Deep midwinter arrives in November!

It may be December, but the impact of the Great November Snowfall on the very last day of November lives on in Whaley Bridge. It is believed to be the heaviest snowfall so early in the winter for nearly 20 years.

Early snow brings a lot of fun for the children.

 Whaley Bridge just got on with things on Day 1, St Andrew’s Day.  Main roads were reasonable, after ploughing and gritting by the county council.  And people noted that pavement snowploughs were out working almost immediately on the main pavements.  Last winter, there were criticisms  about the lack of pavement clearers during the heavy snows of December and January.

This years latest toy for the boys! cameras were out and about on the main roads and side roads recording our  taste of deep midwinter in November.  Kids enjoyed the sledging and snowball fights  People walking on the quieter than average roads stopped to say hello and sometimes chat.  Many people lost a pound or two (ounce or two?) clearing their drive or pavement section.  The boaters look like becoming stuck fast in the canal. And it all happened more than three weeks before Christmas!

Ice begins to appear in the Canal