suspicious BT callers

A resident in Tideswell has reported a suspicious incident to the police. On 22nd September, two scruffy males with Irish accents called at the house purporting to be from BT, saying they needed to adjust BT lines. They were turned away as they had no identification or uniforms. Another two Irish men also claiming to be from BT turned up at the same house last week, but again no ID. Then twice yesterday, an Irish male phoned the same house from a mobile phone saying that if he wasn’t given access to the property, he would cut the phone off…

BT have been contacted and have confirmed that there are no problems in this particular area with phone lines and state that if there were any problems, residents would be sent a letter from BT. BT staff do have ID and wear Outreach uniforms. They believe that these men are bogus, so don’t let them into your home, ask for ID, and have this verified by BT Security on 0800 321 999, press option 5.

If you have any concerns about suspicious callers, please contact the police on 0345 123 33 33. Make a note of their vehicle registration number, make and model, so that this can be checked out by the police. Incident number: 174 of 19.10.10.