Articles from October 2010

National police helicopter service

Derbyshire Constabulary has welcomed the formation of a national police helicopter service.

Under the new plans, announced today (Tuesday, October 26), the helicopter which serves both counties will become (more…)

Crime prevention message

Police in Derbyshire are warning the public to be on their guard against burglars as dark winter nights draw in.

Although house burglary has fallen by 55 per cent in the last seven years there is usually a seasonal increase at this time of year as opportunist thieves take advantage of the dark evenings.

To help keep burglary down, police are stepping up patrols, delivering advice leaflets and targeting known offenders as well as asking residents to think about their home security before the clocks go back this weekend. In some areas officers will also give out free burglar alarms and timer switches.

Assistant Chief Constable Alec Wood said: “The low level of burglary is really encouraging but at this time of year with the nights drawing in it’s worth taking stock of your home security.

“As it gets dark it’s easier to tell when a home is unoccupied so it pays to introduce some simple security measures to create the impression that! someone’s in.

“This not only helps to deceive burglars but it also reduces the chance that your home will be targeted.

“Timer switches are a good example and ensure your lights are on before you get home.

“Leaving lights on when you go out is another option but remember to draw your curtains to stop people from seeing in. You may also want to consider using low-energy light bulbs to help reduce your energy costs.”

Officers will also be promoting the use of crime prevention equipment and giving advice.

Officers offered the following advice:

. Don’t leave any valuables where burglars could see them.

. Place small, high value items and banking documents a safe or secure and discreet location within the home. Do not leave them lying around.

. Mark all property with a UV pen so that when it is recovered by the police it can be reunited with its rightful owner and so police can prosecute b! urglars and handlers effectively. You should also register any valuabl e property using an asset register such as

. Ensure your property is secure and doors and windows are locked even when you are at home. It only takes seconds for an opportunist criminal to enter your premises and steal valuables.

. Ensure that your property is fitted with locking windows and substantial locks on doors as this will deter criminals.

. If possible fit a burglar alarm to your premises.

If you would like a free security survey of your home or business contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0345 123 3333.

Be vigilant and report suspicious activity immediately to the police either on:
– 999 if you believe a crime is in progress
– 0345 123 33 33 if you have ongoing information in relation to criminals or offences.
– Anonymously on Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

update re charity requesting dd

Following a recent message concerning a report to the police of a person wearing a St John Ambulance uniform calling at a house in the Buxton area, the officer dealing with the report had checked with the local St John Ambulance who stated that no-one was collecting in this area.

We have received confirmation from St John Ambulance Derbyshire’s County Office that they are currently running a door to door fundraising campaign in the High Peak and in other parts of Derbyshire between now and April 2011. The collectors are employed by an organisation called Wesser who are working on behalf of St John Ambulance and wear St John Ambulance branded clothing. Representatives from the charity will carry an identification badge with a number on it. They should also have a police incident number which can also be checked out with the police on 0345 123 33 33.

Collectors from St John Ambulance will be asking for regular direct debit donations and not cash or cheq! ues. In order to donate through direct debit, you will be asked to provide your bank details. You can confirm the identity of representatives from St John Ambulance by noting down their identification/badge number and calling 0845 222 1199 (local rate) lines open until 9pm, or call St John Ambulance County HQ on 01246 200 272.

Our advice – if you are unsure about any door to door callers, do not let strangers into your home or provide your bank details unless you have made the appropriate checks. Genuine callers will be prepared to wait, or agree to come back later, while you make the checks.

If you are still unsure, but would like to donate to the charity, you can contact the organisation directly.

Burglar jailed

A prolific burglar has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after he admitted burgling 26 homes.

Daniel Dodd was sentenced at Derby Crown Court on Friday, October 22.

The 26-year-old pleaded guilty to burgling a house in Buxton in August and another in the town in July.

Dodd, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to 30 months for each offence, to be served concurrently.

He asked Judge Andrew Hamilton to take into account 24 similar offences.

Detective Inspector Shaun McElheron said: “Burglaries often leave victims feeling upset and vulnerable and we are pleased with this sentencing.

“Dodd is a prolific burglar and I hope this sentence sends out a strong message to burglars that we will catch up with you and you will be brought to justice.”

Door to Door Fraudster warning

[Reference: BN1194 Incident number: 552 of 24.10.10]

During the afternoon of Sunday 24th October, police received reports of a female going door to door in Buxton, asking for bank details for direct debit donations towards St. Johns Ambulance. She was wearing the full St Johns uniform and carrying a card with Derbyshire Constabulary on it but she is not in any way connected to the police. An officer has made enquiries with St. Johns who have advised us that they are not doing any collections in the area.

She is described as a black female, aged 50-55 years, medium build.

Residents are reminded not to give out bank details to cold callers. Report any suspicious callers to the police on 0345 123 33 33 – Incident number: 552 of 24.10.10.

Whaley Bridge Tesco Store Expansion Planned

TESCO Whaley Bridge has revealed plans to expand its supermarket, with promises of more space for shopping, wider aisles and more local jobs, full-time and part -time.  The store floor area could be increased from an existing  20,000 sq ft to around 30,000 sq ft  through an extension to the back of the existing (more…)

Identity fraud news

New figures from the National Fraud Authority (NFA) estimate that every year in the UK identity fraud costs more than £2.7billion and affects over 1.8million people.

At least £1.9billion of this is the amount gained by the fraudster. That means (more…)

suspicious BT callers

A resident in Tideswell has reported a suspicious incident to the police. On 22nd September, two scruffy males with Irish accents called at the house purporting to be from BT, saying they needed to adjust BT lines. They were turned away as they had no identification or uniforms. Another two Irish men also claiming to be from BT turned up at the same house last week, but again no ID. Then twice yesterday, an Irish male phoned the same house from a mobile phone saying (more…)

Press release – Police urge caution over security ‘cold calls’

Police in the High Peak are encouraging residents to treat cold calls over security issues with caution.

It is after a number or people across the area have reported being contacted by a company asking about their home security and if they have alarm systems, often linking themselves to the police or (more…)

BC1166 Crime number: 56904/10

At 6.30pm on Friday 15th October, a robbery occurred in the Church Road area of New Mills. A ladies handbag was stolen. Two males were arrested and most of the property has been recovered. As a result, a 21 year old male from Whaley Bridge has been charged with robbery.