Residents are asked to be vigilant and wary of cold callers trying to sell anything over the phone. Do not to give out any banking details over the phone unless you are absolutely certain who you are dealing with.

Mute button phone scam:

BT has also issued a warning to customers to be on their guard after a series of phone scams involving people claiming to be calling from the company.

The scammers call up their victim and warn them that their account is in arrears. They then ask for bank or credit card details in order to settle the account – don’t be afraid to say no! If the person refuses or asks for proof, the fraudsters then offer to prove who they are by disconnecting the phone line. Once the victim puts the phone down, the scammer stays connected to their line, thus giving the impression that the customer’s line no longer works.

Evidence shows this type of phone scam has been happening all over the country.

BT sometimes makes calls to customers about debt – but stresses that it never carries out disconnections during the call.

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