Knight in Shining Armour

We have received the following e-mail from a very grateful visitor.

Dear Sirs,

I’m hoping you can help me find a way of thanking a complete stranger for helping me get home on January 2nd 2010.

My name is Diane Hickey and on the above date, I was trying to get back home to my family in Northwich,

Cheshire after spending New Year in Sheffield.

I had set off in good time for my journey after hearing on the travel news that there was chance of snow showers in the North East.

I stopped off in Chaple on le Frith Morrisons to buy screen wash and some provisions but when I came out it was to find a whole load of thick snow had fallen.

I decided I had no option at this stage other than to continue with my journey as to turn around back to Sheffield would be unwise due to the snowfall. I left Chapel on le frith with no problems and my car handled very well until I reached the Macclesfield Road at Whaley Bridge where my journey came to an end as firstly I got stuck trying to get up the road. A local resident advised me to turn the car around and try to head back to the A6 which would be safer for me to get home.

However I then ran into further trouble when I lost control on the way back down the road,:my breaks and hand brake couldn’t help me and my car came to a standstill by the side of the road, where I gave up and tried to ring for help. After a while and me becoming very upset, help arrived in the form of a very nice lady who tapped on my window after seeing me get into trouble. She enlisted the help of some other locals and finally it was decided that one of the men,whose name I never found out, offered to try to drive my car to the bottom of the hill to give me a fighting chance of continuing my journey on the A6 to Stockport where hopefully the roads would be passable.

Not only did this gentleman take me to the bottom of the hill, but drove me a mile or so to actually join the A6. He then had such a long walk back to whalley bridge.

So, basically I would love to thank this man, (My knight in shining armour) for rescuing me and helping me get back safely to my family.

I had survived a serious stroke 2 years previously and so my anxiety levels were very high at the thought of being stranded miles away from home. If you can think of any way Of reaching this local community with my eternal thanks it would be very much appreciated.

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